The Pink Ladies' Sisters for Hope Foundation

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Dorothy Marconi Chili Cook Off

2018 Photos

We are a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization.
The 2019 Winners Received 
Bragging Rights!

This Year's Winners

Best Over All Chili- Patrick J. Harrington "Game Day Chili"
Spiciest- Chelsea Meehan "Korean Spice Chili"
Most Unique- Jeff Miner "A White Sportcoat and a Pink Crustacean"
Best Vegetarian- Allison Mangles "Cookie Monster Chili"
Most Creative- Keeley and Michael Joslin
"Keeley's Krazy Good Chili"
Best Corn Bread- Mark Shaw "Hitching Post Chili"

Thanks to ALL the Chefs!

Smoke Pork Chili
Eric Due
The Last Supper
Jules Martin
Tailgaters Chili 
Jayne Keirn

Dot's Maverick Chili  
Sue Eco & Patti Hawkins 
Linda's Chilentals Chili
Linda Maguire
Wise Guy Chili
 Andy Whitehouse

Thank you to all that joined us in 2019 to 
taste and vote for your favorite chili!

The Pink Ladies Sisters' for Hope Foundation  
2019  Dorothy Marconi 
Chili Cook-Off 
was a huge success!

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated!
To our generous sponsors of the Chili Cook-Off: Jennifer King, Masonicare Charity Foundation, Jules Martin & Morrison Foods Service, Ashlar Village, The Marconi Family, Jon Whitehouse, Whitehouse/ Peters Family & Friends...
We Thank You!

Past Winners

2016 Winners

Best Over All Chili - "Lampron World Famous Chili" - Ray & Tarry Lampron
Spiciest Chili - "Lampron World Famous Chili" - Ray & Tarry Lampron
Most Creative Presentation - "Wilbur's Nightmare Chili" - Nickie Whitehouse
Most Unique - "Smokin' El Polo Loco"  - Molly Whitehouse
Best Vegetarian - "Green Mountain Vegetarian Chili" - Eric Eurto

2017 Winners

Best Over All Chili - "Captain Jack's Seven Sea Chili" - Mark Joslin
Spiciest Chili - "Ameri-Chili" - Justin Boucher
Most Creative Presentation - "Go Green Chili" - Linda Maguire
Most Unique - "Go Green Chili" - Linda Maguire
Best Vegetarian - "Blue Chip Autism Awareness Chili" - 
Lynn Economopoulos & Dave Beham

2018 Winners

Best Over All Chili - "Last Supper" 
Jules Martin
Spiciest Chili - "No Boundaries" 
- Steve Smalley
Most Creative Presentation - "Kelly's Champion Chili" 
Keeley & Michael Joslin
Most Unique - "Uncle Kelly's Famous Five Pepper Chili" William Peters
Best Vegetarian - "Smoked Buckshot Vegetarian Chili" - Eric Due